It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We have started decorating school and our Classroom with the Christmas decorations. Early Years visited John at the garden centre at the back of school to pick the Christmas tree for the hall. When we visited we walked up to the field and could see the tree still growing. John chopped it down for us and delivered it to school and it looks lovely.

We have also been making our own decorations using clay. It was a very different material to work with.

On Tuesday the hall was very different. There was a great big snow globe and Santa visited us in his grotto. Many thanks to everyone who paid money to school to visit the globe and grotto.

This week starts the beginning of advent. Nursery have been marking this by adding little pieces onto Santa’s beard every morning. We are beginning to understand that December is a long month!! And Reception’s advent calendar explores how Christmas is celebrated around the world. So far we have explored, China, Malta, Wales and Norway.

We have been very busy in the hall rehearsing for our nativity play. I won’t blog any spoilers here, but we can’t wait for you to see it next week. We’ve been so busy practising.

And of course, we have played lots outside. We have had a delivery of lots of large cardboard rolls. We played with these outside rolling pine cones down.

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Wet soggy weather and visits from Thelma Three and Cleckheaton Fire Service

The weather turned cold and wet this week, but that has not stopped us from playing outside. We sheltered from the weather under our dens made from tarpaulins and pegs, and made large scale art using powder paint, puddles, fairy liquid and sweeping brushes.

We explored the freezing temperatures inside too with frozen balloons full of water and frozen aqua beads.

We were so lucky on Friday to receive a visit from the the Cleckheaton fire brigade. They arrived in their engine and let us explore the truck inside and their equipment. We had a fantastic morning and have been talking non-stop about everything that we had seen.

Nursery’s nursery rhyme this week is Three Blind Mice, and Reception have a new rhyme to learn which is included in their homework this week.

Nursery did some baking for King One this week. We made his favourite snack, jam tarts. While they were baking we wrote about the jam tarts. When they were cooling Thelma Three snuck into the classroom and tried to steal three of the tarts. Nursery were able to talk to Thelma Three about the choices that she makes. King One tweeted us to say thanks for the jam tarts.

Continuing our topic of stars and darkness, we have turned the dark cave into a shadow theatre and have enjoyed telling stories with the nocturnal puppets.

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Our Week -18/11/19

This Week we have been reading the book Katie and The Starry Night by James Mayhew. It’s all about a Little Girl who jumps into the pictures in an art gallery to help rescue some flyaway stars from the picture The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

The book has helped us to think lots about stars. We have counted lots of stars in Mathematics this week. And Reception have written about who they would give a magical star to and why.

In Phonics Nursery have been placing items inside a box, giving it a shake and trying to guess what is inside the box based upon the sound that they hear. It was so tricky to work out, and we had to think about what sort of sound the item made, whether it was noisy or not, and if we could hear what material the object was made from.

As the weather dropped this week, we enjoyed exploring ice in the outside provision, we even had an igloo to play in too.

On Thursday, we were treated to a visit from our Patron of Reading, Conrad Burdekin. Together we recited Nursery Rhymes with Conrad, and then the Reception Parents joined us to help us make up some new rhymes. At the end of the day we recited our Nursery Rhymes to the Year 1 children.


Children in Need

We are supporting Children in Need today, all the children have come in sporty clothes, making a donation of £1 to this wonderful charity. We started the day with a whole school dance outside to support the Pudsey theme this year of ‘Getting Active’.

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Remembering our heroes.

We have been talking and thinking lots about our hero soldiers who help to keep us safe. At 11 o’clock on 11/11/19 all of the Reception and Nursery children came together and observed a 2 minutes silence. We enjoyed looking at Mr Hart’s military medals and talking about what we know about soldiers.

On the creative table this week we have worked to create a poppy meadow, which is now proudly on display for all to see. Come and have a look inside our classroom.

We have also liked making poppies out of red playdough. Nursery drew some excellent pictures of poppies for their big writing this week too.

As the nights turn darker we are thinking about light and dark, and have enjoyed playing with the torches in the dark cave. Our Nursery Rhyme of the Week has been ‘Star Light, Star Bright’. We have also enjoyed listening to Nursery Rhymes on the BBC website. Click the link to search the episodes and have a listen at home,

In Mathematics, Nursery have learnt about a land called Ten Town. We have looked at the pond called Zero Pond, and learnt about the King, King One. We all made a crown and practised writing a number one. King One is a helpful member of Littletown and likes to do things in 1s, he always has 1 egg for Breakfast and rides a unicycle with one wheel. Everyone in Nursery brought home a colouring in sheet with King One on for them to keep.

Nursery have also started story sacks this week. A big thank you to everyone who came early and helped to choose a story sack with their child. Enjoy reading, and playing with the resources over the week and bring them back to school on Monday, so that you are ready to pick a new one.

And finally, we were treated to a delicious snack on Friday of rhubarb crumble and custard made by our very own chefs. Delicious!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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