Early Years. Autumn 2, Week 4.

We have loved finishing off our owl babies topic. We have done lots of drama on emotions and retelling the story. See the pictures below of us writing our thought bubbles. We have also been counting owls and sorting them. In PE this week we have acted out the story through dance.

Each morning as part of our routine we always start our day with fiddly fingers. These are fine motor skills that get our hands ready for writing.

As always we have had lots of opportunity to play outside. We had another delivery of equipment and enjoyed playing with the hoppers, after a demonstration from Mrs Evans!

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Early Years. Autumn 2, Week 3. w/b 16/11/2020

This week we have started our topic of Owl Babies. We have loved learning about Owls and spent some time watching videos and reading Non-Fiction books. Ask your child what their favourite owl fact is. In mathematics Reception have created some owl pictures using circles and triangles. We talked about the shapes that we used using mathematical vocabulary such as edge, and vertice.

We had a delivery this week of new blocks for our big wooden beams. We would like to send a great big thank you to the parents who made these for us, we love them! We created tricky obstacle courses for our friends using the beams, tyres, hoops and other items. We tried to make sure that we used all of the positional language that we know, such as over, under, through, in & out, inbetween etc.

Nursery are still working on phase 1 phonics. This week their focus has been on rhyming words. Rhyming words are tricky but they are learning to spot which words rhyme, and which words don’t.

Even though the temperature has dropped this week we are still learning outdoors. The door to the playground is always open and we can choose to play outside. We like to play on bikes, or make up dances on the stage too. Please make sure that your child has a warm and waterproof winter coat.

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Good Work Assembly. Autumn 2, Week 3

This week, our good work certificates go to….

Early Years

Bethany has been a super mathematician this week. She has challenged herself to use mathematical language such as vertice and edge. She made a beautiful picture of an owl using triangles and circles and could describe her picture to the adults using this vocabulary.

Caleb loved working outside this week making an obstacle course for his friends. He thought carefully about making a course with a range of skills such as climbing over, crawling under, weaving in and out and travelling through his obstacles.

Jessica-Jane had a fantastic literacy lesson on Monday. She wrote a beautiful speech bubble for the owl characters in our story this week ‘Owl Babies’. Mrs Lister was proud of her work and said that she sounded out everything by herself.

Teddy was in good work assembly for being a Littletown star. He has had a fabulous week in all of his lessons. He has a fantastic attitude to learning, and is applying what has been taught throughout the day. Well done Teddy!

Class 2

Filip for doing some amazing work in skills.
Isla for always persevering in all subjects but especially maths shapes!
Khadijah for doing some amazing work in phonics this week, really trying and always contributing.

Class 3

Aashir is in this week for brilliant big write. He wrote a really interesting newspaper article about the disappearance of prince charming. His writing was beautiful and he included all of the features of a newspaper report. 

Noah learnt some really difficult vocabulary in Science, he tested different materials to see if they were transparent, translucent or opaque. Well done Noah!

Bradley has tried super hard all week! He has done some amazing maths work and has been putting  his hand up in every lesson to answer my questions!

Class 4

Tommy has worked so hard in history and has completed some amazing work! 
Kian is an all round superstar! He makes sure every piece of work is to a very high standard and always tries his best!
Maysie has made great progress in reading and has really impressed us all this week! She’s a class 4 superstar! 

Class 5

Tilly is just a Littletown STAR! She is a wonderful role model to the rest of the class. She is always on task, demonstrates a brilliant learning attitude and always presents her work neatly. 
Kole has shown sheer dedication and perseverance this half term. Kole has switched his fixed mindset into a growth mindset in his math lessons and is showing that he truly can do it!
Ava wrote a beautiful piece in Big Writing this week, focusing on her use of challenging vocabulary and adding detail to sentences. Her presentation is always neat and she is always joining in, sharing her creative ideas.

Class 6

Oliver – lovely week in class but shining in maths skills, working hard and taking pride in his work making good progress through the questions!
Lyla – trying hard in writing when she had missed the planning stage, listening to all the ideas around her and having a really good go at a first draft to write a story opening for Macbeth. 
Darcey – excellent editing skills in writing, using the mark scheme well to improve punctuation and re-writing it beautifully. 


Early Years. Autumn 2, Week 1. Week Beginning 09/11/20

We’ve had a very busy week and have enjoyed finishing off our topic about The Gigantic Turnip. Nursery enjoyed dressing up as the characters to act out the story outside, and Reception enjoyed listening to Pie Corbett’s story song, acting out the story as he sang the tune.

Reception have enjoyed learning with Mr Devanney and Mrs Evans. Mr Devanney will be here until February 2021. This week we have been practising writing our phonics sounds. We love learning phonics. Thanks to everyone for completing their first phonics homework on spelling bee. There are new assignments for next week, we hope you enjoy this week’s work.

This week we have been thinking more about festivals. We celebrated Poppy Day so respectfully and had lots to say about the soldiers who helped protect us. On Friday we thought about Diwali, and made lots of rangoli patterns around school.

In maths we have been subitising numbers. To subitise a number means that you can recognise a number of dots/ objects as an amount without having to count them. We learnt to do this with dominoes, we enjoyed playing dominoes on the stage. Can you find dice at home and play a game. Practise rolling the dice and reading the number, without counting the dots.

Even though we have had some chilly days, we always have an outdoor provision available for your children. Learning outdoors is so much fun and some children prefer it this way. This week outside we have played in the water tray, tipping water down drainpipes. We have also practised our scissor skills by chopping up leaves. We always enjoy obstacle courses and are looking forward to next week when some of our very kind Dads have made us some balancing beams.

We have enjoyed Children In Need day, dressing up and being silly with our adults. We had a great big disco at the end of the day and loved dancing with the music. We talked to the children about how everyone isn’t as lucky as us, and explained that our money is going to children who really the help. If you watch any Children in Need this weekend please talk to your child about this great charity, and it’s wonderful work. Thank you for your generous donations.

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Good Work Assembly. Autumn 2, Week 2

Early Years

Keagan is in good work assembly today for his effort and resilience in phonics this week. He has been practising his phonics on spelling bee, well done Keagan!

Esemee and Scarlett were fantastic in their first PE lesson. They acted out their dance moves in time to the music pretending to be different fireworks. Great choreography. 

Class 2

Mason showed everyone his big writing. He had some great ideas and was using ‘and’ to expand her sentences. Well done Mason.

Cole has shown fantastic work in maths skills. Trying his hardest at level orange gold. 

Grayson has been kind to others all week in class. Making sure that his friends are happy in school.

Class 3

Dawud showed everyone his maths work today. In particular his work on number bonds to 100. He used his knowledge to solve number problems involving number bonds. 

Kadie performed a very tricky tongue twister on her own during her music lesson this week. She has learnt new music vocabulary and been using this within her lesson. 

Henry is a scientist, he looks forward to science every week. He tested 4 different houses for the 3 little pigs. Henri built some houses and tested their strength by trying to blow down the house with a hairdryer. He was able to predict which material would make his house stronger. 

Class 4

Evie showed everyone her RE book, she has been looking at different festivals, and explained the similarities and differences between them. 

Emily has looked at her work, found anything spelt incorrectly, looked up these words by herself in the dictionary. She then edited her work and produced a super piece of writing.

Jack has had a brilliant week. He is working so hard and trying his best. He has a mature attitude in class 4.

Class 5

Layla-May has been showing perseverance in maths, giving everything a go and trying her hardest. 

Caitlin is an amazing class 5 role model. She also received her certificate for her neat presentation and effort in her topic work. Caitlin showed her topic book to school.

Violet enjoyed her writing on Street Child. She wrote a fantastic description of Mr Spink. We all listened as Violet read from her work. A stunning description, well done!!

Class 6

Nathaniel joins in with all of his lessons. He loves learning and always shows determination.

Lexi has tried her best in extra maths sessions this morning week. Miss Howard is so proud of her attitude to work this week.

Mia showed her reading skills to everyone this week. She has been working so hard to translate the text of MacBeth. 

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