Our Week -18/11/19

This Week we have been reading the book Katie and The Starry Night by James Mayhew. It’s all about a Little Girl who jumps into the pictures in an art gallery to help rescue some flyaway stars from the picture The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

The book has helped us to think lots about stars. We have counted lots of stars in Mathematics this week. And Reception have written about who they would give a magical star to and why.

In Phonics Nursery have been placing items inside a box, giving it a shake and trying to guess what is inside the box based upon the sound that they hear. It was so tricky to work out, and we had to think about what sort of sound the item made, whether it was noisy or not, and if we could hear what material the object was made from.

As the weather dropped this week, we enjoyed exploring ice in the outside provision, we even had an igloo to play in too.

On Thursday, we were treated to a visit from our Patron of Reading, Conrad Burdekin. Together we recited Nursery Rhymes with Conrad, and then the Reception Parents joined us to help us make up some new rhymes. At the end of the day we recited our Nursery Rhymes to the Year 1 children.

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