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The New Class 2

We had a fabulous first day in Class 2 with Mrs Lombard. Ŵe completed lots of Mrs Wensley’s challenges for our transition day. Tomorrow Class 2 are looking forward to a fun day with Mrs Mellor.

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Our Conrad Challenge

We had a fabulous afternoon with Conrad, our patron of reading, being completely creative and coming up with the most weird and wonderful ideas. After the rainforest adventure, we went back to the classroom. Mrs Wensley set us some challenges to complete on our transition days. One of the ones we thought of was: For […]

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Bee update…

A lovely lady from Ashbrow School has just left after carefully removing the bulk of our swarm. She will be taking it back to Ashbrow School where the bees will be rehoused in one of their hives. A happy ending for the bees!


The Romans have invaded!

Class 4 had an amazing Roman Day last week, the children came dressed up and the classroom was transformed into a wonderful banqueting hall. There was a selection of food to eat (from Roman times) after the children had spent time in the ‘chariot’, making a ‘Testudo’ (a Roman battle formation), playing marbles and riding […]


Bee Swarm at Littletown!

Lunchtime today was a rather special one as a swarm of between 20,000 and 30,000 flew over our school and settled in a tree on the back field. Doug, our gardener, has informed us that it is a queen bee which is on the move and she will have sent out scouts to find a […]


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