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Feeding the birds

Each morning, we begin our day with activities called fiddly fingers. These fine and gross motor activities prepare our hands for writing. Today we threaded cheerios onto pipe cleaners and then we hung them up outside for the birds to eat. So far there have been no visitors to our cheerios, but it’s been very […]


Exploring pumpkins

There was lots of chatter this morning about Halloween so we decided to do lots of work about pumpkins today. We decided what shape we wanted for our pumpkin features and carved our own pumpkin. We also made pumpkin with different shapes in maths. Have a look at our handiwork.


Class 2’s Autumn walk

Last Monday class 2 went for a walk to the park to look for signs of Autumn. We found lots of brown and orange leaves that had fallen off the trees and a few conkers! We talked about how the weather changes and that it gets colder with more rain. What signs of Autumn have […]

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Haunted Scene – shared writing

Please read our group shared writing from today! Please add any comments that might celebrate our work or help us to improve. Silently, I crouched behind the crooked tree with branches as bony as witches’ fingers. Startled by the death-defying squawk of the crow, I tumbled on to my back. My heart was pounding like […]

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Our visit from a nurse

Today we had a visit from Mrs Addison who is a nurse. She talked to us all about her job and showed the equipment that she uses everyday. We enjoyed listening to the roles of a nurse and enjoyed playing with the equipment that she brought to us.

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