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INSET Day 27/02/17

Today Mrs Wensley and Miss Howard told us all about the Mastery Maths course they had been on with Debbie Morgan. Staff shared resources that each class could use from Early Years to Year 6 and how we think about our Maths teaching.  Do children have a depth of understanding of each number and what […]


Food for life – winter in the farm

Today some children went to Lane End Farm, Tong to see what life is like on the farm in winter. We saw lots of animals in the barn sheltering from the weather, lots of straw piled up high for feed and even some sheep getting ready to deliver their lambs when springtime comes. Martin, the […]

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Growing magic beans

In Early Years we are loving learning about Jack and the Beanstalk.  Today we walked up to the garden centre, at the back of school, and bought some magic beans from John. When we came back from the garden centre we planted them and watered them.

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E-safety week! KS1’s excellent emojis!

We learnt all about how to stay site online this week! Check out Class 2 and 3’s emoji designs!

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Class 3’s special visitor!

This week we were very lucky in Class 3, we had a real life firefighter come to visit us! We prepared lots of questions for him and made sure we knew as much as we could about how firefighters help us. He showed us his uniform and even questioned us about our topic of ‘The […]

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