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How to make a mummy!

Last week, class 5 learnt all about how the Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead bodies! After considering the steps that they took, we tried to recreate our own mummies. Using dolls for dead bodies, sharpies to draw on organs to represent removing them and ‘mummia’ (a paste of flour and water) to attach the bandages, […]

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Billy Goat’s Gruff – Aargh a troll!

We have been reading the story of the Billy Goats Gruff, then on Wednesday Miss Chilton said she’s seen some troll slime in Littletown Rocks. The children had to investigate and wondered if a troll was under the bridge. Then Miss Chilton managed to film a little bit of the troll in Littletown Rocks. We […]

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A visit from the Mayor!

Today, the whole school were lucky enough to listen to the Mayor and his wife as they came to visit us in assembly. They came to present us with a certificate to praise us in supporting the Mayor’s charity – the British Legion. If you remember, back in November, at parent’s evening the school held […]

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Exploring how the values we hold affect the choices we make

This morning, class 5 and 6 took part in a Kirklees workshop designed by the Peace Museum to explore themes relating to the choices people make in times of conflict. This workshop was a creative approach to the prevent duty and British Values. World War 1 was used as a starting point and throughout the […]

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Next stop- Kenya!

Class two have been reading a story called Lila and the secret of rain which is set in Kenya. Last week class two were very lucky to have Nathaniel’s mum come in and teach us about Kenya as she used to live there! We looked at some pictures of what the African Savannah looks like […]

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