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Happy half term holidays…. a little task.

Thank you for all of your support over the last half term and the items sent in each week for our colour displays. At the start of the next half term we will be thinking about bonfire night and would love some pictures to help decorate our reception and nursery displays. Over the holidays can […]

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Growth Mindset

This year we are part of some research based around Growth Mindset. Mrs Wensley and and Miss Ward have been on the training and tonight shared this with the rest of the staff. As teachers it is important to know if we have a fixed or growth mindset and how we can encourage a growth […]


Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

This half term class 5 have spent a lot of their topic and writing pieces based around the book ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ and really enjoyed it! ¬†This afternoon we have watched the film and compared it to the book. Miss Howard recorded our ideas after we discussed them as a group and […]

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Preparing the vegetable patch for winter.

Today Mrs Speak helped the afternoon nursery to prepare the vegetable patch. We harvested the apples from the tree, (watch out to see what class 4 do with this apples!!), and potatoes from the ground. Then we¬†planted some kale, onions and spring cabbage. We loved finding worms in the soil too. We checked on the […]

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Making snack

Whenever we share our snack in Early Years we always talk about what we are eating; so all of our snacks are themed. When we were learning about triangles we ate watermelon triangles, we learnt about rectangles and squares by looking at crackers and we talked about the colour purple by turning our mashed potato […]

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