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Visiting Cleckheaton Library

On Friday morning, Recepetion set off on a visit to Cleckheaton Library. We got the bus from outside Spen Baths and were very exciting to look at the world passing by on our journey – we got to see the bus station, Royd’s Park lots of other familiar places. When we got off, we walked […]

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Introducing Princess Layer

Over the holidays it is Mr Scott’s birthday and we today we treated him to his very own chicken called Princess Layer. We we have just introduced chicken to her new friends Henrietta, Eggwina and Shelley and they are getting on well. We will be checking up on her over the holidays.

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Did you enjoy your cheese pin wheels?

Lisa, our cook, prepared some delicious cheese pin wheels for dinner today made fromĀ theĀ onions and leeks from the garden. I hope you enjoyed your lunch!

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Favourite Authors

In Reception, we love reading and retelling stories, especially when it means we can make story maps and act them out! Whilst Mrs Lister read a new story at story time, she explained to us what an author is – someone who writes the story. Before we went home, we began to think of our […]

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Much ado about Shakespeare!

Class 6 have spent the morning learning all about William Shakespeare in preparation for our study of Macbeth! We started by cracking some codes to reveal famous quotes from plays and then completing a quiz about Shakespeare’s life. After watching a quick video about the globe theatre in London we used all of our vocabulary […]

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