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This week we made an algorithm for a drawing of a pirate. An algorithm is a list of instructions that you can follow. ┬áThe nursery children gave Mrs Evans a pen and began giving her instructions. Mrs Evans had to pretend to be a robot and could only draw what the children told her to. […]

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Defibrillator Training

We now have a defibrillator in school and we are fully trained!

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Soluble or insoluble?

Class 6 in science on Monday donned their science jackets for an afternoon learning about dissolving. We recapped the states of matter and changes of state before looking at new vocabulary and what dissolving is. We learnt about mixtures and tested which materials dissolve in cold water. Following this we then planned our own investigation […]

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Trev’s Recipe Book

After our visit from Trev the Troll last week, Reception decided to use their Big Writing to write some recipes for Trev’s new cafe. We worked so hard to create our recipes with slimy, slithery ingredients that are perfect for trolls then we made them into a recipe book that we could send to Trev. […]

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Class 2 Launch Day Around The World

Class 2 felt extremely cold and chilly, the staff were wearing coats and wellies, there was snow everywhere and a campfire in the middle of the carpet.  The children had a wonderful day, finding out all about the story The Emporers Egg. They started their topic books and loved the their experience of a cold, […]

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