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30 Days Wild. Make Room for Nature this June.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is wondering whether you can spend a little more time with nature and are challenging you to do something wild everyday for June. The trust have provided some examples of what you can do for each day, but I know that our children are very creative, and can think up their […]

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Ice Cream Parlour

We have a super ice cream role play area waiting for you. What kind of ice cream would you like? Can you take someone’s order and write it down? What else do you sell at the ice cream shop?

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We were very excited when Doug brought us our new chickens. First of all we had to clip the wings. A few children were worried it would hurt them, but Doug showed us what to do and the children were then confident enough to help. Doug then put the birds in the run and we […]

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Mrs Speak came to school to help us with our new vegetable plots. She helped us to plant a range of vegetables and herbs and we learnt about how to keep healthy, what we could do to eat the vegetables and how to cook them. We wrote labels for them and watered them before we left. […]

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VE Day

In Early Years we spent a lot of time finding out what VE Day was all about and why we needed to celebrate it.  We watched clips and saw pictures from the olden days. We knew they were old photos because they were black and white. Later that day, we had a VE party and […]

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