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  Do  you like our new Science coats?

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The great debate – should Torak save Renn?

In class 6 we have reached a dilemma in our class novel ‘Wolfbrother’. The main character Torak needs to make a decision – should he go save his friend Renn, who is caught in a deadly snowstorm, or continue on his quest to spirit mountain where he could kill a demon bear that is terrorising […]

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Testing the Effects of Gravity

In a simple but effective experiment, the children conducted a fair test to investigate the effects of gravity. We explored what a fair test was to start with and then using a ramp, a measuring tape, a car or marble, the children tested how the height of the ramp can affect the distance a car/marble will travel. […]

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Getting a feel for Gravity!

In order for Class 5 to understand how gravity can affect a planet’s orbit, we engaged with a simple activity that allowed the children to represent a gravitational force field. Gently pushing towards one another and then stepping a part and pretending to pull one another the children demonstrated the force of gravity and how […]

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Thinking about compassion

In RE this week, in class 6, we have been thinking about what compassion is, how we can show compassion and what the opposite and antonyms of compassion are. Throughout this lesson, there was some fantastic discussion and wonderful group work demonstrated below. We read a story about a boy called Mohan in Africa who […]

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