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Flanders Field. By Nimra Ahmeed.

Fighting. Land. Allies. Never came back. Death. End of happy lives. Rain or light they lie there. Sleep forever.   Finished lives. Inside the ground forever, Entent. Lie there dead. Down in the ground.

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The Soldiers. By Kian Robbins.

The soldiers are the ones who drew the blood, those are the ones who did the good, they travelled high and low to then make the guns bang and blow. So today we remember the ones who lie below.

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Colours. By Pia Thomas.

Red: the red is the blood that the soldiers gave, for our country they fought to save. Black: black is the horror of death in their eyes, the death that we now do despise. Green: the green is the petals of the poppies we grow, the soldier’s lives are what they show. “Thank You, is […]

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The Soldiers. By Leona Jones

They fought in a heartbreaking battle, They served our beloved country, They made noise that would make our hearts rattle, Now they shall never come to me, The soldiers are the ones who fought in a battle, a battle of hate and peace. At the memorial, I shall lay down a poppy, a poppy wreath.

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Pebble in my Pocket – Meredith Hooper

Class 4 poems inspired by the book -Pebble in my Pocket Laura, Luca and Lillith: Crystallised A diamond shimmering on the side of the volcano. Twisted Twisted bird wing. Bumpy, silvery and white White chocolate magnum. Fossils rock The bottom of the deep, dark ocean. Black and White A Zebra.   Emily P and Adara: […]

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