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Class 5 Email Writing

To: Mina Subject: Skellig Hi Mina, Today I had a great day at school Coot and Leakey played a very funny prank after school on the pizza man they ordered a pizza¬†and then said I didnt order a pizza. The pizza man shrieked “YOU EVIL LITTLE KIDS!! I burst into laughter. Today I got a […]

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Class 5 Luddites!

This half term we have been learning about our local area and have learnt some really interesting facts. We have learnt about the Luddites and how they impacted on the local area. We are very lucky in Class 5 and have been asked to produce some art work for a new Luddite statue similar to […]

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Class 5 – Skellig Setting Description!

Read some of the descriptions of a setting which Class 5 have come up with what image is created in your mind? Jessica As I walked down the garden path I could see the rotting garage creaking like the stairs in the haunted house. When I opened the cupboard door thousands of woodlice scattered out! […]

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Epic Citadel – Writing an effective opening

Danny C Imagine a world where gloomy figures watch your every move, where the streets are hollow with beautiful scented fruits. The top of the castles are as pointy as a dagger. Quickly the pickpocket strikes again. The amber leaves fall off the trees. The smooth, squared, cobbled road was mucky. Would you want to […]


Halloween Celebration!

Ks1 have had a fantastic afternoon celebrating Halloween. We had lots of fun rolling bogies, apple bobbin’, pumpkin carving and so much more! We also had a special visit from ‘Illusio the Wizard’ who amazed us all with floating tables and disappearing balls!

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