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Today we have been finding out all about Ramadan, the special month when Muslims fast during day light hours and think of people around the world who are not as fortunate as them.  The Muslim children in our class were really confident to tell all the children what happened at Ramadan and how they prayed […]


The Naughty Bus

We have been reading a story about a very mischievous bus who does not always do the right thing.  We looked at places around school where our naughty bus might go and what he might do. The bus went in all sorts of places, including in the tunnel, in the plants, on the bench, under […]


D-Day Celebrations

We learnt all about the D-Day celebrations for the 70th anniversary. We watched videos in black and white and knew it was because they were filmed a long time ago. We talked about how it would have felt to have been on the beach or on the boats. Some of the adults in school talked […]


Science-Word Up Lab Coats!

In Class 3 Miss Fitzgibbon introduced the idea of each pupil wearing Science ‘Word Up’ Lab Coats during each science lesson. As we learn about new science topics and begin to understand new scientific vocabulary, different scientific words are written on the Lab Coats throughout the year. Class 3 love wearing  the coats because they […]

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Colne Valley Museum

trim.78F00F26-D5B8-4D62-B578-8BF2A9075C1C Class 3 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Clone Valley Museum. Each child dressed up as a Victorian for the day. When they arrived at the museum they had to make their own dinner, clean the house, wash dirty clothes and spin their own yarn. They had a super day and were very well behaved. […]

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