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Parents Phonics Workshop!!!

We absolutely loved having our Class 2 parents and family in this week. The children completed a range of activities all to do with their phonics. Children¬†worked so well with their family and parents and all said they really enjoyed the experience. The workshop gave parents information about the phonics screening check and gave them […]

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Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Wow! What an exciting day today! Goldilocks had been in Early Years over night and had baked a snack for us, but had made such a mess! There was oats everywhere, mud on the whiteboard, on Sophie’s cushion, in the three bears cottage, and a trail of hair flowing out the window! What a great […]

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Class 2 Poetry! Amazing!!

This week we have been learning about different types of poetry, we wrote our own rhyming couplets and today we even created our own acrostic poem. These acrostic poems are stunning and it just shows how much time the¬†children are taking to think of these wonderful ideas. Lucy S chool is were I like to […]

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Who is afraid of the big bad book?

  In Class 2 we have been reading the book “Who is afraid of the big bad book?” By Lauren Child. The children have predicted what would happen next and created their own story maps and retold the story in Big Writing. We have absolutely loved this book and has had us in stitches of […]

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Teaching Ambition

It’s not always obvious what is exactly happening in Early Years, to the untrained eye. But if you look really closely, you’ll see that the children are learning life skills in every area. We teach them to be kind, to play and to share. We teach them moral values, to be unique individuals and to […]

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