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We love writing!

Lots of children are now enjoying writing in the continuous provision and especially enjoy seeing their writing on the blog. Here are two more fantastic writers who chose to go and write and found a cosy spot to sit it.  They wrote their own sentences and sounded out independently using all their phonics skills. You […]

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Superhero Day!

 We had a wonderful Superhero day and week! We learnt all about our characters and shared that with the rest of our class. Then we wrote all about our characters. We decorated gingerbread man biscuits to look like the superheroes we dressed up as.                        […]

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Have go at some of the games that we have created using Scratch! Please leave a comment after you have played them. The games from code club are online now – we have 6 games on there now. The link is here:

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Berserk! By Jack Saville-Harrison

Stir 3 times I do as I put in camel poo, murky it goes as I add human toes. Now you rise, I put in fermented fish eyes, coke goes in to fizz it up as I add a rubber duck. Then a hyper boy comes by, add him in with some slimy snot, as […]

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Bubble blast! By Pia Thomas

Bang, wizz, make it fizz, Brains, flies, frog legs and fish eyes. 3 stupid children, the pee of a cat and the poo of a bat. Now add some blood and sloppy mud and to give it a taste add a fish pie paste. Mix flies, fishes eyes and the poo of a bat and […]

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