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Guess What I Found In Dragon Wood!

We went for a walk and on the way, saw claw marks, burnt sticks, pointy tail marks in the mud, squashed fences….it could only mean one thing …. DRAGONS! As we entered Dragon Wood, we saw lots of dragons hiding in trees, nests, sleeping, playing football, having a nap, hunting for dragons, and houses on […]

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Petra the Palaeontologist

One day, we walked out into Early Years playground and found fossils, dinosaur bones and … a HUGE dinosaur nest complete with eggs. Petra the palaeontologist asked us to help her to find out who they could belong to and where they had come from. We loved dressing up and pretending to be expert palaeontologists. […]

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A letter from Christ Church

A letter has been sent to school from the church warden at Christ Church. In the letter it says thank you to all of the children at Littletown for their amazing singing! She also said that Littletown children showed politeness and were very well behaved. She also wished you all a very happy new year. […]


Quality Mark!

We have been assessed by Kirklees and gained another award! It is called quality mark. Children, staff, governors and parents all took part in sharing information about our school. Well done everyone!


Pandora – by Jacob Class 6

About the Na’vi The Na’vi are called Humanoids because they live in Pandora, Pandora is the home of the Na’vi. As well as that they are ten feet tall…that’s big! Furthermore the Humanoids are a light and dark blue colour. Even though the Humanoids sound and look extremely different they are very similar to us […]

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