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E-safety Police Officer

This week in class 6 we have been thinking about how to stay safe online, particularly now we are in an age of computing technology. In today’s life there are lots ‘social networking’  websites that are available to us, where we can communicate with other people online. But is this always a safe way to […]


Eden Camp

Class 5 had a great time at Eden Camp this week.  


Class 5 in the community

Last week class 5 went to the cenotaph in Cleckheaton on remembrance day. The chairman of the Spen Valley British Legion was there. He sent Mrs Ward an email to say how wonderful we were. We spent some time in class replying to his email by writing formal letters. We are feeling very proud of ourselves!


Becoming Thinkers

Mrs Ward always says ‘have you asked any good questions today?’  It’s important that we learn to become thinkers and model being a thinker too.  We try to inspire the children with lots of interesting objects that make them ask ‘how does that work?’, ‘what does that do?’, ‘how can I use it?’, ‘ is […]

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Phase 1 Phonics

Phase 1 phonics is really important to help children to blend sounds together in order to read. It involves making different voices and noises with their mouth, listening for sounds inside and outside, playing instruments in different ways, rhyming and alliteration. Today a burglar stole all of our alliterative animals and made off out the […]

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