Early Years. Autumn 2. Week 7. CHRISTMAS WEEK!!!!

What a long term this has been! But, many many thanks to all of our lovely parents and carers for their support this year.

There has been lots of festive treats this week. We began by watching a Huddersfield Brass Band, and we followed this with a funny Christmas performance by the Scottish Philharmonic Orchestra.

We have also watched a performance of Cinderella by Opera North, and had a festive treat when Princess Jasmine zoomed us to tell us all about her upcoming wedding to Aladdin. Oh yes she did!! We loved watching the pantomime, after our zoom call.

On Wednesday it was party day! We enjoyed Christmas Dinner together with our staff in the hall, clinking glasses together and wishing everyone a ‘Merry Christmas!’ In the afternoon, we partied back in our classroom. Father Christmas visited and gave us all a present from him. Then we had a really big surprise when it started snowing inside the classroom! Thanks to one of our governors for the loan of her snow machine – everyone had so much fun!

We hope that you have enjoyed watching our Nativity. We worked so hard putting this together for you. We are still singing the songs now!!

Enjoy the break, stay safe and we’ll see you in the New Year!

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Class 2 Christmas Party!

Class 2 have had a really fun day today. We have designed our own dinner mats for our yummy Christmas dinner and created our own snowmen and Christmas trees. We have played a range of party games including pass the parcel, musical chairs and musical statues. We even got a special visit from Santa and he bought us some lovely gifts.

Miss Rowley and Miss Dixon

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Early Years. Autumn 2, Week 6.

What a busy week we have had this week! Christmas has definitely arrived at Littletown and we have been very busy enjoying the festivities and preparing our Nativity play for all of our grown ups. But, even though we have been getting Christmassy there is still so much learning to do.

Reception have been writing letters to Father Christmas this week. Their writing is wonderful and so many of the children are now confidently using their new phase 3 phonic sounds in their work. We have seen a big spike in Reception users logging on to Spelling Bee to practise their phonics. We’re now the third best class in school for homework, well done! Not only are we using more sounds now in our writing and reading, but we are so much more confident with phonics too.

As always, we have been learning lots through our play as well. We have enjoyed playing with the Christmas party tableware in the home bay, squeezing sponges in the water tray, making music, and eating delicious snacks and lunches.

We had a very special golden time on Friday afternoon. We are so lucky to know some very talented people who came in and visited us in the hall. Mr and Miss Lister visited us and played their cornet and flugel . They played lots of Christmas carols based upon the characters in our nativities. We enjoyed conducting the band and singing and clapping along. Classes 2 and 3 joined us on zoom too. Early Years were extra careful to keep our distance between ourselves and our visitors, and allowed them time to clean their instruments inbetween songs to keep ourselves safe.

Everybody came home with a special treat on Friday. Today we made our very own reindeer food to sprinkle on the ground on Christmas Eve.

This week we finally filmed our final scene of the Nativity show – Humph the Camel. We had a film premiere on Friday and were so excited to see our scenes and lines on the big screen. We are so looking forward to sharing this with our grown ups next week! Keep your eyes peeled for information on how you can access the video.


Good Work Assembly 4/12/2020

Early Years

Henri has joined so well with every discussion that we’ve had this week particularly conversations about the seasons and the nativity. He has really enjoyed playing Christmas dominoes.

Reeva has been looking at 4 sided shapes this week. Enjoying shape hunts and looking at the properties of shapes. Here she is with a rectangular book.

Daniel is in for his behaviour this week. He has listened well and got it right all week. 

Class 2

Filip has impressed Miss Dixon with maths, working with numbers to 50 and counting backwards. He is now working to 100. Amazing work Filip.

Akbar made a great plan for his work on the class book. He used his plan to write a whole page of the story. He is using good vocabulary and great grammatical features. 

Class 3

Ivy is in this week for her science work. She made a new outfit for Elastiboy. She wrote her own results and conclusions choose which material to use. 

Kadie has created a scene from Little Red Riding Hood. She spoke to the whole school about what materials she chose to help her. 

Class 5

Elise wrote a non-chronological report on the children of the industrial revolution. Using subheadings and grammatical features. Mrs Ward thought that Elise could be a journalist. 

Daisy has been brilliant in maths. She has been working on perimeter. Daisy showed her measurements to the whole school. Her page was full!

Jersey tries really hard and perseveres well. We are all so proud of her extra effort this week. 

Class 6

Fabian wrote a beautiful newspaper report. He knows how to engage the reader. Miss Howard was proud of the way that he works so independently, using all of his editing skills.

Maisie has produced a beautiful sketched King Henry VIII. She has thought about how to improve her work.

Maira is kind, polite and a really helpful member of the class. 


Early Years. Autumn 2. Week 5

This week the water area looked very different. We had lots of sponges in the water tray and been practising squeezing them. This really works our hand muscles. We squeezed the water from the sponge into rubber gloves to try and fill them, then squeezed the gloves to get the water out of some tiny holes in the fingertips.

We have looked at logos that we recognise from our neighbourhood and home. When you go for walks with your children, see if they recognise what any of the shop signs say.

A big thank you to all who have paid their snack money. This week we have enjoyed pancakes, snack-a-jacks, cheese, yoghurts and fish finger butties! There’s more tasty treats coming next week too. If you need to pay, please pay Miss Moran or Mrs Evans on the gate.

Even though the weather has turned cold, we still enjoy going outside as much as we can. Please make sure your child has wellies and a warm coat in school. Here we are building a stable with wooden blocks and hay.

Christmas has definitely arrived. We have been looking at the change of seasons, playing Christmassy games and enjoying the decorations. We have also started practising for our nativity. We are hoping to film it and send you a link. Our kings and camels walked to the garden centre to pick the school tree. We can’t wait for it to be decorated.


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