Wanted: Thelma Three for stealing jam tarts

Nursery had a lovely ,orning baking for King One. We made his favourite, some lovely jam tarts.

As we were letting them cool, 3 went missing. We think that this could be the work of Thelma Three.

She takes things that aren’t hers, always in groups of 3. Keep a look out for Thelma Three and our tarts. All of the children will be taking home a picture of Thelma Three to make their own wanted poster.


Workshop with PC Whitehouse

Following the bullying assembly, PC Whitehouse came into class 5 and spoke to us in greater depths about how to cope with and combat bullying. He showed us lots of little videos about different types of bullying and we talked quite maturely about lots of reasons why bullying might occur and how we can deal with that.

What was interesting in our workshop is that we thought about the bully as a person and how they are also in need of help and support. It’s difficult sometimes to recognise that a bully needs help as well but class 5 discussed this well and we now know more about bullying than ever before.

Thank you PC Whitehouse for an interesting and stimulating session!


Bullying assembly

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from PC Whitehouse, he came to speak to us all in assembly about bullying. This was great as it followed our anti-bullying work and assemblies last week. PC Whitehouse made it the difference between falling out and bullying very clear.

He helped us remember the strategies we can use to help stop bullying and reinforced our school support system of telling adults, writing our worries in the worry box, contacting other agencies like police or NSPCC for advice.

Thank you for making it very clear what a bully is and how we can combat bullying PC Whitehouse!


Making our grounds look beautiful

School has received two great big parcels. One from www.bulbs4kids.com, and the other from The Woodland Trust. They were full of spring flower bulbs and trees for our grounds.

Today, Early Years took their share and planted some trees and bulbs in the grounds. We can’t wait to see them blossom and bloom.

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Tommy Two

Nursery had a wonderful surprise in the post this week.  King One had written to us to tell us that our crowns were amazing, and that he was glad that we have been enjoying learning about Ten Town.

Unfortunately, what King One didn’t realise was that he had also sent us some post which was meant for Tommy Two by mistake! Mrs Evans opened a big bag, full of King One’s odd socks from the castle laundry room.  He had asked Tommy Two to match them for him. Luckily, we had just learnt all about Tommy Two’s jobs and decided to help Tommy Two out.

We selected socks out of the bag and could count them, “1, 2” whenever we had a pair.

I wonder who we’ll meet next from Ten Town.

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