From Caterpillars to Butterflies

Over the last half term we were very lucky and looked after some caterpillars. We watched them grow for weeks and weeks. When we finished school for Easter they had grown by ten times their original size!

Over the Easter weekend some caterpillars began to pupate and hang from the lid in a ‘J’ shape. By Easter Sunday one had transformed into a chrysalis, and the rest turned over the next few days. After 12 days they began to hatch into beautiful butterflies.

All of he children were delighted to see the changes that had happened over the holidays. We decided to let the butterflies go on our school field. But our butterflies decided to hang around for a little while longer before fluttering off!


Peter Rabbit Day

Class two had a fantastic Peter Rabbit themed day today to start off our new topic.

This morning, we enjoyed Peter Rabbit themed maths, using carrots or seeds to help us work out multiplication questions. We even had a game that envolved us getting Peter back out of Mr McGregor’s garden by finding the correct answer to tell us how many jumps we could make. This afternoon we made soup using ingredients from Mr McGregor’s garden-yummy!


Library visit

We had a great trip to Cleckheaton library. We had so much fun catching the bus, walking up the road and arriving at the library. We listened to lots of stories, joined in singing nursery rhymes and making dragon and unicorn masks. Thank you for having us.

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We had a super trip to Morrisons on Friday. We met Davina and Lindsay from the store, they took us up to the training room and had lots of activities planned for us.

We decorated pizzas and sheep biscuits. We tasted all kinds of different fruit and guessed what they were. We went for a walk around the shop and learnt about all the different counters in Morrisons, such as the fish station, bakery, salad and pizza section and the deli counter. Then we got to have a go on the tills and talked about the money that the items cost as we scanned them.

We enjoyed travelling on the bus to get there.


Thinking about thinking.

In Class 4 we have started learning about metacognition. This is where we reflect or ‘think deeply’ about our learning so that we can become better learners.

We are learning a new skill – sewing a running stitch. We all felt differently about this new learning. Some of us felt RED because we didn’t know anything about sewing a running stitch (yet). Some felt YELLOW because they had sewn before and some children felt they were confidently GREEN or even BLUE coaches.

However, we soon found it was not quite as easy as we thought ! Keeping the stitches the same length and stopping the thread from getting tangled was tricky !

We reflected on our first attempts, taking pictures of our work and highlighting our successes and places where we needed help. We have now begun to work in pairs, coaching each other to help us notice where we are making mistakes and making suggestions on how to improve.

Here are some pictures of our learning and reflections.

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