Happy Father’s Day

This weekend it is Father’s Day. To help celebrate we invited our special grown ups into school this afternoon. We met our grown up and walked to the woods with them.  When we got there we completed a treasure hunt, answering questions about them and sharing fond memories. Afterwards we treated our adults to pizzas and biscuits which we had made especially for them.

Thank you to all the grown ups who came into school today. We loved spending time with you today, and the children were so excited to see you all.


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Dewsbury Bus Museum

This week Early Years have been reading a book called The Naughty Bus.  We have enjoyed reading the story as well as playing with toy buses too.  We counted passengers on and off a bus to help us learn addition and subtraction. Murmur helped us to create a different version of the story, and Reception wrote a story about a good bus.

Dewsbury Bus Museum visited school on Thursday and brought a lovely, old bus for us to explore.  This bus was 70 years old and we loved to explore how it was different from modern buses.

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Sparkle for Markle day

To celebrate this weekend’s royal wedding we had a theme day today. The children dressed in red, white and blue, or something sparkly. We watched some highlights from previous royal weddings and talked about weddings which we have been to.

We made lots of decorations, crowns and coloured in some royal pictures. Later in the day we had a disco too.

How will you celebrate the wedding this weekend?

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Bog Babies

Miss Chilton and Mrs Evans are so pleased by the amount of parents who have been telling us about the bog babies. The children have been looking after their babies at home, watering them and they are now growing lots. Please can you comment below a picture of your bog baby

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Look at our enormous rhubarb!

Today Early Years braved the rain to do a little bit of gardening. We looked at how the new trees have now grown and have buds on, and went to find spring flowers. We were amazed when we got to vegetable patch, the rhubarb is enormous!! We picked some stalks and discovered that they were a great umbrella. We then delivered them to Lisa, our chef. We hope she cooks something delicious for dinner!

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