Class Two’s Victorian Adventure!

Yesterday class 2 travelled back in time to the Victorian times as part of our new topic. Our tables had all changed and we had to sit in rows- we couldnt use pencil and paper but instead had to write on chalk boards! We loved doing Victorian PE outside and looking at items that would have been found around a Victorian house.


Even though we had a super exciting day as Victorian children, we decided we like Class two just the way it is!

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Ugg! Cass 4 entered the Stone Age today! We love launch days!


Personal information

Class 5 have had a great discussion whilst learning how to be safe online today. We now know what personal information is and how we should be very careful with what we give away online. We never know who might be piecing together details about us and that can be unsafe. To keep ourselves as private as possible, we have decided on a phrase “if in doubt, don’t give it out” and know we can always talk to trusted adults in school and at home about our online activity.

Have a look at our discussion mindmap and some of our work that is on our growing display:

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Exploring the Explorer!

Class 3 had so much fun during our Topic launch day!¬†We made telescopes to help us on our quest to find land and made our own explorer hats! We also made our own identities so we can be known for any great discoveries, had pirate tattoos and kept our ship clean! We made sure than we ate raw cabbage as it would stop us getting scurvy, the boat trip was a very bumpy journey¬†and we had to hold on to something a few times when the waves got rough! Finally, we went on a treasure hunt by following an old map that we found, the map lead us to buried facts which told us about Captain Cooks life! We can’t wait to find out more!


Big Friendly Giant visitor

We got quite a shock on our second day at school today….the door opened and a very tall Giant came through the door, carrying an enormous bag, a huge trumpet and a massive net! He talked all funny, his words got in a pickle, he called the children ‘tiddlers’ and the adults ‘up growns’.

He introduced himself as the BFG – the Big Friendly Giant. He told us he caught dreams, we helped him catch some dreams. We had to be really quiet and listen so carefully to hear the dreams. The BFG had big ears to help him hear, so we put our big ears on too…

We then thought of our own dreams, everyone will be having super phizzwizards tonight (according to the BFG phizzwizards are the best kind of dreams.)

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